Halo Tritan Tank Review

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The New Halo Tritan Tank System Review

Hey Folks- After over a week of testing the new Halo Tritan Tank System I had NO issues with performance or quality. I was impressed with the hard case this eCig is shipped with-- there are No boxes to throw away - you use the case it is shipped in to hold all your necessary ecig equipment. The battery life is great and they definitely pass my smokenjoey test. I really like how the clearomizers performed with just the right draw and great warm vapor production.

The customer service at Halo is great. The warranty on the Tritan Tank System is to be announced as of this printing. The clearomizers are a top coil design and are replaceable with different ohm rating options available, however they are on back order and the price is to be announced. The accessory prices- like batteries, chargers, clearomizers are very fair and not overpriced.

There are a lot of options that will soon be available for the Halo Tritan Tank System- like battery colors, sizes and even styles. At the end of the day I really liked this Kit and found that I frequently used the quality eCig case often.  I would like to mention that the Halo Clearomizers will not fit other ego style batteries and other ego clearomizers will not fit the Halo Battery (from what I have tested) This may or may not matter to some people but it is a point worth mentioning.

This is a great product to progress from a basic level of vaping, like the simple two piece design eCig, to the next level of vaping, an intermediate level. Best of all it is Compatible with the popular Halo G6 eCig- so if you still want to use your cartomizers from your Halo G6- the Tritan will accomodate

At the end of the day I really enjoyed using the Halo Tritan Tank System with the great vapor production, performance, options and long battery life I give it a big Thumbs Up and a 5 star rating

See my video review and demostration by clicking here

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