Blu Cig Fix-- WOW Amazing Vapor - read below

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If your like me, and many other discouraged Blu Cig owners, then check this out. I found a way for you to enjoy your Blu Cig Flavored Cartridges like you never knew. As you all know, the battery on the Blu Cig basically sucks- it wears out to fast and is too weak to heat up the quality Johnson Creek Smoke Juice thats inside. Well look no further- I found a great fix and in the process you can enjoy other flavors, if you desire.

You will be amazed of the vapor output from your Blu Cig Cartridges. You can also eliminate that pesky Blu Cig charging pack that, if you had more than a month, probably has stopped working by now.

Just click to order the Budget Zee Kit from Zee Cigs and if you want to order the PCC- the Personal Charging Case (PCC for Z510). Your Blu Cig charging case may not work with these high quality batteries. My coupon code will get you a free 5 pack of empty cartridges with your first order-- just mention smokenjoey sent me in the order notes at checkout.

This kit contains 2 high quality Original Joyetech 510 Batteries, wall charger, usb charger, empty cartridges for you to try out your own smoke juice, and prefilled cartridges. Dont be afraid to purchase the PCC to charge your batteries on the go.

Joyetech is known for high quality that is why so many companies try selling knock offs of this ecig. Once you get your kit just charge the batteries and screw on your blu cig cartridge and prepare for an experience you thought you could never have using the Blu Cig Batteries. I myself own this kit along with the Prosmoke and they both are amazing. I have been using the Joyetech for over a month now and WOW it can take abuse and it still works like new. The vapor output is amazing and is in a class by itself-- Order some smoke juice to -might as well try it out but if you prefer more vapor and less throat hit then click here- Johnson Creek Smoke Juice (it is made from VG not PG and produces more vapor)

While you are there- buy some Zee Cigs Smoke Juice to try out in your new Zee Kit- what the hell you might as well-- a bottle of juice cost less than 10 bucks and it will last longer than a carton of regular tobacco cigarettes. if you prefer more vapor and less throat hit then click here- Johnson Creek Smoke Juice and order the Red Oak Flavors, which are made from a VG Base (vegetable) rather than a PG base.

Click on the banners below to order your new ZEE kit today and also click on the Johnson Creek Banner to order you VG smoke juice thats made in the good ol USA. As always- if you have any questions when you get your kit just email me using the link at the bottom of this page- I will be happy to answer any questions-- thanks and have fun and try some new flavors- you wont regret it---- see the video fix by clicking here

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